About FYA

The Alameda County Foster Youth Alliance believes every youth deserves to look forward to a bright, productive future.

Mission Statement

A coalition of community based organizations and public agencies, the Foster Youth Alliance seeks to assure the well being and empowerment of foster and probation youth by engaging in strategic advocacy to develop resources, provide for continuous improvement of programs, and maintain accountability in publicly funded service systems.

FYA’s History

FYA was founded in 1999 to address the lack of awareness about the plight of youth aging out of foster care into homelessness, and the underlying absence of a coordinated system of services to help them succeed as adults. For 10 years, FYA advocated for the development and refinement of a continuum of services for these older foster youth, participated in state-wide advocacy to secure funding for services, and worked to secure those services for the long-term. Today, FYA is proud to have led the way in transforming the service system for transition age youth in Alameda County.

In 2010, FYA shifted its focus when it united with the Child and Family Services Network (CFSN). CFSN, another membership agency, brought more members and a broader focus when it came under FYA’s banner in the spring of 2010. Now, FYA is proud to include agencies that serve foster and probation youth of all ages. This mission expansion is due in large part to FYA’s successes of the previous ten years but it also represents a strengthening of the coalition of member agencies FYA represents, and a commitment by those more than 30 agencies to do whatever is necessary to improve the lives of foster and probation youth in Alameda County.

A more in depth description of FYA’s history can be found here.

FYA’s Accomplishments

Over the past several years, FYA’s advocacy and leadership has:

  • Established a robust system of proactive emancipation planning for older foster youth.
  • Improved access to mental health services for transition age youth.
  • Maximized the availability of housing for former foster youth.
  • Ensured that federal stimulus funds are maximized to benefit transition age youth.
  • Achieved a level of coordination and collaboration among programs serving transition age youth in Alameda County that is the envy of counties around the state.

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